Hello guys, finally found some spare time for my blog post, which I was planning to write for quite some time, well, better later than never they say :) 2013 was a really big year for me in so many ways & as I thought I needed some time off to be able to understand how things have changed. Firstly my starting position last year was really ugly, after having extremely difficult year in poker, cash flow problems came up, because I made several mistakes, while making bad investments & lending wrong people money, who are still on my being-owed list after another year passed, well, at least I learned those expensive lessons hopefully :) Good thing was that I found someone to help me out at the right time to get things going without making any drastic decisions. So I started by working way harder than ever on my game & by putting at least twice as much volume as I used to & things slowly got better. Let’s point key highlights of the year During the year of 2013 :

1) I played over 420000 cash game hands & over 98% of volume was made in PLO cash games.
2) Moved to to live PLO games & based my live poker trip schedule PLO action.
3) Finally finished my university.
4) Started to work out harder.
5) Started to have healthy diet on day to day basis.
6) Participated in 2 TV poker shows.

Before stating my goals for 2014 I would like to speak about goals importance in your life as I think lot’s people tend to underrate them, which is one of the reasons why they achieve less in their life than they would like & it doesn’t really matter, which area of life u want to set goals in. By stating/writing down your goals you empower one of the most important tool you have – your brain. Poker is a game of odds, just check out how you increase chance of getting something done if you challenge yourself by setting up a goal, especially written one, which u see from time to time. Don’t forget one important thing, wrong goals might lead you into trouble so I strongly advise you too read more about it or visit some seminars about this topic as investment in yourself is the best one you can make. Here is what I have prepared for myself for 2014, hopefully everything will work out :

1) Optimize my live poker schedule by removing “bad” stops & plan my trips better to optimize costs
2) Start working on my time management.
3) Improve my game by doing deeper opponent style analysis.
4) Choose spots to make shots into higher games more carefully.
5) Manage my cash flow better
6) Control my spending better
7) Read more books