Good evening guys :) Finally found some spare time to write a blog about recent changes in live tournament circuit, which I think, will be quite big looking from longer term perspective.

Firstly, I would like to say that it’s really nice to hear that Pokerstars and Crown Casino came to an agreement to integrate Aussie Millions into APPT Brand, which actually huge thing for both sides. APPT brand has now a luxury stop like EPT has Monte Carlo with all things set including perfect stop time, which is really important thing. For me as a player during winter season Aussie Millions is the best stop for sure & I could bet that I am not the only one :) From the other side Crown Casino can expect Aussie Millions to grow way faster with the promotion it will get through APPT Brand & Pokerstars. I have already noticed that there way more satellites to Aussie Millions this year, maybe I’ll take down one :)

Secondly, let’s talk WSOP change in international event format. Well, WSOP was struggling big in Europe as they thought that things, which work in USA will work here in Europe as well. For me, as player, WSOP brand associates with the worst series organization, bad dealers (not in Europe though), bad tournament structure & of course biggest event of the year. Looks like they have wrong people in top level management as they can’t even fix tiny things at the right time – this year during WSOPE we had problem with payout structure of one event as they used heads up tournament payout structure in mixed max event & they were informed way before it was too late, but all they did after passing the message through 3 or 4 managers was replying to the players “We will to fix it next year”. Choosing destination seems quite a big problem for them as well, as even though they tried to make it in Paris you needed 1 hour or sometimes even more to reach the tournament area from the city center. WSOP APAC will never beat Aussie Millions brand in Australia as every local guy dreams there about Aussie Millions golden ring not about some golden American bracelet & looks like they will have hard time competing with current EPT brand situation in European market as well, because they don’t have the right people to do so. More over, from what I heard, American pros aren’t that happy that you can get the bracelet so easily these days, so it might be just a small step before WSOP brand decides to give up expansion into new markets.

To sum up, I would like to say that time will shot how things work out in this area, but I am really happy that quality of service the player gets, while playing live poker is increasing & there is no better way to say thank you to the organizers than attending the right event & telling them so yourself. So I will do my best to attend Aussie Millions this year. Keep in touch and good luck at the tables ;)