05 Aug 2013

CAPT Velden

Hello guys, so I decided to write a blog about my experience in Velden during CAPT series there. I have been skipping this spot for 4 years as I was playing WSOP Main Event, every year since I became old enough to gamble in USA & those two events have overlap. Every year more and more PLO players decided to skip WSOP Main Event & just get back to Europe for cash games in this spot, so I decided to try out this spot finally as I heard basically only good things about the series, cash games and place itself. The prices for accommodation are quite high, but they are reasonable is it’s luxury destination for local people especially during the weekend in summer I guess the city is nearly sold out every weekend, when the weather is good. So as advised I booked my hotel room 3 weeks in advance, I guess u should do that too in case u decide to come :) .

Velden as a city is a really great place, lot’s of great places to eat, plenty of things to do including water sports, which I really love. Me and my room mate decided to try out tubes & para-sailing, unfortunately we couldn’t try out water-skiing as the place was too busy during our last day in Velden.

Casino itself is a luxury spot in the town, with decent dress & jacket rental services offered in case u aren’t dressed up well enough. It has a luxury restaurant inside with reasonable prices & it’s one of the best kitchen in the whole city including amazing lake views. Tournament organization is decent as they bring in all the best dealers from other Casinos Austria & the staff is well experienced. They even have free water and free good quality WIFI prepared, which u are unable to find in number of EPT stops. Cash game area is way better for Pot Limit Omaha players as they have games for almost any blind level players up to 50/100 Eur everyday, No Limit games are up to 10/20 and u won’t have action at these stakes everyday. At the same time they run up to 20 tables during the most busy time, which is midnight. The casino closes at 5 AM during the series (it works longer than  usual), but I think it’s in all best interest to have some rest.

To sum up I had a great trip looking from all perspectives  and I am probably coming back next year, I really enjoy the destination way better than Las Vegas itself as weather conditions during CAPT Velden are perfect for my taste. Well, will see how it goes next year, keep in touch and good luck at the tables guys :) .