Hello guys, this blog post will be more interesting for people, who are living in Eastern Europe most likely, however some of you who aren’t might find something interesting as well. Last two days I was participating in Forum One event, which was the biggest leadership forum in Eastern Europe. Forum was attended by more than 4000 people, most of whom of course were Lithuanians, I was not only highly surprised by the number of participants, but also by amount of young people, who decided to make an investment in themselves, of course for some of them their employer made the decision, but that’s great thing as well.

Let’s get more into the details. The event opened up with Owen Fitzpatrick, who is quite a famous business consultant around the world, and looks like organisators made the right choice as if they did opening with the second speaker from Estonia, who was driving the crowd away instead of making them listen to him & his disrespect for the audience by not preparing his speech was stunning, the guy at some point just opened his notes and told to the audience : “eh, what else can I tell you guys today?” :) . Moving onto the next speakers we had amazing performances, including really inspiring woman Madi Sharma, of whom I have’t heard before, but it was the best female speech I’ve ever heard live so far. Few speeches included quite a bit of advertisement & that was an example of how good performance can be driven down, for example : Joseph McClendon even made total strangers make a massage for each other, which was more than a surprise for me, when I saw this happening in Lithuania, where people are less open than in some other countries, however his inspiring speech ended up with promoting his own training seminar in London, which was done in quite a distractive way. Day 1 ended up with networking between people, who bought tickets to the higher priced sectors, which was a great idea, however the way it was done can be improved and it’s not that hard, my suggestion would be to give out the participants papers of sign, which would represent the industry they are working in, for example, IT guys want speak to IT guys not to the ones, who are working in construction sector most likely & just in case construction sector company is looking for IT people to develop their website they gonna contact the ones they want – IT guys.

Let’s get a bit more into Day 2, the most amazing performance for me was made by Lithuanian native Ilja Laurs, I saw his speech for the first time & it was stunning. He is a great leader representing his country in the right way, once again congratulations to him. I did like business leader panel, which had one small leak. One of speakers, who was from Brasil, could express himself way better if he spoke in his native language portugese as well as for example Lithuanian artist Gediminas Urbonas, who was speaking on day 1, so my suggestion to the organisers would be to use translators in case they are neccessary or speakers would prefer to speak in different language than English. Richard Branson, well, lot’s of people expected a lot more from the key speaker of the forum, I really think that it was a mistake to choose interview form of communicating with Richard, we can read/watch interviews online, we came there for more than that. I am really glad I particpated in both days of Forum One in full, so weak key speaker performance didn’t change my overall impression of this whole project.

To sum up, big congratulations to organisers, thanks a lot for volunteers for making this huge extraordinary event in Lithuania. It did change my life a bit, me and my partner in business decided to act now instead of waiting for next year in one particular business related area. One more thing to add up to young people, who are maybe reading this blog, guys we are the ones who can makes changes in our country and we should fight for the changes instead of giving up and letting soviet or post soviet mentality driven politicians run our country in a way, which is no longer effective. Only one person is neccessary for the idea & as soon as you share your idea with one person, it doubles the chance of making it happen, the two organisers made their dream come true yesterday, you might be the next one to do so ;) .