Hello guys, I finally found some time for a blog to wrap up the things, which have been going on lately. This year I decided to concentrate even more on developing my online cash game play and play way less tournament both live and online. During January I played over 55k cash game hands most of them were played in pot limit omaha, which i find as my main game at this time. Unfortunately the gap between actual profit and expected value is huge, which doesn’t let me get back to the biggest games online as soon as I would like to. However after hitting a huge downswing in nosebleeds playing lower and regaining confidence back is most likely the best decision at this time. So let’s get into the details a bit more of what I learned recently and would like to share with you, which might be really interesting for you guys :)

So what I was working mostly on and trying it out on different stake tables was developing my turn play. First step of what you have to do is decide what goals you wanna achieve and my goal were to build my range, which would be way tougher to play against especially for the regulars. Furthermore I wanted to take bigger advantage against heavily multitablings ones and put way more pressure on them. So what I started to do is widening my turn raise range and reducing the sizing of the actual raise, which is not an easily implementing strategy, but as soon as you get more expererienced at doing so it gives you new opportunities in making way more esepcially in pot limit omaha. Furthermore I was working on widing my 3bet range with smaller sizing in position as well (not potting it as most players do,), which allows me to make things way more difficult especially on heavy multitablers, of course mixing it up is the best thing, try it out yourself ;)

Finally, I would strongly advice you guys (especially more experienced players looking to develop their games), the ones who haven’t done it yet join Phil Galfond’s new site – http://www.runitonce.com. That’s probably the first poker educational site i really enjoy and the key thing, which makes  it so great is people participating there. Furthermore Phil managed to get things going really smoothly so far including both : keeping forum active with good material and not to strugling with video material (I’ve been a member 2 months so far). Eventhough it’s probably most expensive in the market, but I think the right choice. That’s it for today, keep in touch and good luck at the tables guys ;)