14 Jun 2012

Latest news

BoooOOOooM, Hello everyone, so here is my latest blog. Quite a few things were going in my life lately. Would like to start with the one, which was taking most of my time lately & wasn’t directy related to poker – was trying to finish my bachelor studies. Well, didn’t succeed at the end as my bachelor paper wasn’t passed by university commission, due to few problems, however the key one was that my paper work was more of a practice related than science related, which is one of main requirements for final paper examination. Well, there is always next time, hehe :) .

Secondly two court decisions, which I was involved in went my way, which is really great news, especially the one in which one Dutch player was trying to scam me in online currency exchange situation & ended up losing the court against me in Netherlands. I guess I’ll post the whole story later on 2p2 as I noticed that those scams come up more and more often and most of people decide not to take any action against these bastards. Well, in my opinion, as long you’ll let to screw with you those guys will.

Thirdly, I was playing  way higher PLO games than I used to against all the biggest names online, felt like getting 3-4 years back, when we used to play way higher than we do nowdays. Was doing really great until jumped into massive downswing, well, PLO is high variance game & sometimes variance is not on your side. It’s good that I can cover my nosebleed losses with winnings from lower stakes games & still be in profit for the year 2012, hehe.

Finally, decided to chill out a bit before Vegas & was enjoying time with my friends. Bought a bicycle, which I promised to myself in one of poker trips back in the year 2011 when I used it everyday during Master Classics in Amsterdam. Too bad the bicycle arrived just a week before my departure :) . In last few days I had some spare time & decided to try out mix-games finally & really enjoyed playing other poker games & did quite well in those games, except one – STUD poker, which is still a mistery for me & I have to develop my strategy for this game. That’s about it for today, gotta get ready for my first WSOP tournament this year, keep in touch & good luck :)