Hello everyone, it’s a while since i have written any blog. This week I reached sort of milestone pokerwise in the year 2012 – I played my 100000th cash game hand this year. Quite a few conclusions came out from the statistics I got, which I found pretty interesting & decided to share with you guys :

1) Starting to use Holdemmanger actively improved my results a lot, especially in No Limit Holdem, as I could identify weak regulars way easier, however NLHE cash games take tiny part in my whole cash game play these days, only 12% of my cash game hands were NLHE hands.

2) Increasing number of poker platforms I am using helped me a lot, while fighting with huge swings in high stakes PLO. I am currently playing at 5 platforms, planning to increase this number to 7 pretty soon.

3) I am way less concentrated in lower stakes games & try to make too many creative moves sometimes, however in a long run I might get really useful information for a cheaper price.

4) Working more on quality than on quantity gives better outcome. I started to play less tables than I used before, this helped me out identify more good spots in the game, which i used to miss when i was playing more automatic 12-14 tables.

5) I have to think more, before making big shots in PLO as variance is cruel in this game. Huge part of my profits was cut off, just because of disastrous run in deep nosebleed PLO games. I must have better backup bankrollwize before making those shots.

That’s about it for this time :) Good luck at the tables & keep in touch ;)