Hello everyone :) sorry for the delay on writing the blog, been really tired last few days as most of the time i spent on the planes LOL :) . Let’s get back to where i finished my last blog – Manly, one of the most famous Australian beaches.


Well, Manly looks like a getaway from busy Sydney life for the ones, who want to relax & as i was later told by poeple who have been living in Sydney for a while, that’s the place, where most of upper class Australians live. Even though it’s part of the Sydney, the place looks like a cozy small town. What really impressed me the most is how many surfers you can find there during the day time, even the contests are being organized there, so i assume that’s one of the favorite destinations for surfers. Moreover i was really suprised by the average age of surfers – it’s hard to believe, but there were plenty of people at the age of 50 enjoying active life, which is quite opposite to what we have in Lithuania. So i decided to spend there few days & relax.

 On Saturday I had to bring in the car I rented & the plan for the next few days was to spend few days in Sydney itself. The day started really great, while walking around the city enter i found a decent Japanese place for breakfast nearby the amazing Harbour bridge. One thing, which really made the breakfast special as it was open kitchen restaurant & i could take a seat right in front of the place, where the chief was making the meal. As the restaurant wasn’t too busy he even had some time to show some tricks, hehe they know how make clients happy.

So i took a nap afterwards before doing something for the first time : I was meeting a Lithuanian couple, who actually invited me to come to Sydney & in case i do they promised me to show Sydney from the local point of view, which is always better option than just exploring the city by yourself. So once i met them i really noticed that they are warm & friendly people & they made my next two days really special :) . Our evening started while exploring the city itself & suddenly we entered one of the Sydney parks, where i saw something different than anywhere else – wildlife, which is not scared of people, even the parrots are not afraid of people. So we spent some time there & afterwards we decided to have dinner. One thing popped to my head, which I read about Sydney the day before – people are allowed to bring their own drinks to the restaurants, except to the expensive ones (the restaurant has to be marked with BYO symbol). I asked Lithuanians if it’s really common thing & got unexpected answer – yea & let’s try it out right now :) . So we bought some wine & spent the evening in cozy Chinese restaurant, which was right in the heart of Sydney, however you would hardly find your way there if you are only the tourist :)

The next day they invited me to join them & other Lithuanians to spend some time in one of the beaches outside Sydney. My answer was yes of course :) Well, it was really special day during my whole trip in Australia as I tryed out surfing (only bodysurfing so far) for the first time in life & finally understood, why poeple are so passionate about it. Afterwards we went to one of the restaurants nearby, where lots of locals were chilling, while listing to local singer. It’s trully amazing how Australians manage to enjoy the life & just to take things easy, which is sometimes so hard for most of us. Well, the next day i left to New Zealand, more about on my next blog, keep in touch & good luck :)