So here comes second part of my blog about road trip in Australia..:) So the second of trip started in a some kind of rush as once i checked out the distances between objects i was planning to visit I was stunned, suddenly I realised that i won’t manage to see as much as though in the next 3 days I got left for a road trip as i had to return my car on Saturday. So skipped the objects, which i was actually planning to visit in Phillip Island, which includes wild life park & racing car track, even though i really wanted to drive a sportscar after I got some experience while driving some sports cars in USA.

Well, my plan for the day was drive as many kilometers as possible north as in this way i would still manage to visit few points, which i had advices about. During the second day of my road trip i was really pleased with social advertisments on the road regarding safety, they are completely different from the ones, which are used in my country & I think they are working out way better, few examples of such are : “Yawning? Take a break, even microsleep can kill” ; “Missing the deadlines ? It’s just not worth to die for them” my favorite ; one “Feel sleepy ? Take a powernap & do it right now”, which i actually “listened” two & twice already took short powernaps to recover, there even are plenty of places to stop & get some rest prepared and believe me lot’s of poeple do stop and I was one of them, well, in my opinion once u get to the new world, with the new rules, you have to adapt instead of fighting against them.

During the second day on the road one really big disadvantage of Australia came out – Junk food has taken too big part in the industry, it’s really hard to find some fresh food especially for breakfast or lunch as most of restaurant in smaller cities are opening at about 5 PM, which leaves you two choices if you don’t the right places to go to either go to junk place (Mcdonalds has extremly strong positions here in Australia, looks like way stronger than in US) or make meal by your self. So atleast I managed to find a decent place for the dinner, where i could try out Australian way of preparing Oysters, which is called Kilpatrick (Oysters are filled with bacon & grilled until bacon gets crispy). Well, I prefer natural ones, but seems like local ones really enjoy this method.

After the dinner i drove another few hundred kilometers until i decided to find a place to sleep, found a great motel nearby one of thousands lakes here in Australia, although another funny thing came out, which is for us, Lithuanians (Yeah guys, one thing, which Lithuania can really be proud of – we got one of best quality internet in the world, prob we begin to appreciate what we got only once we get into worse situation, hehe :) ), hardly understandable – extremely expensive (even in the motel i paid 20 AUD for the night), very bad quality & furthermore limited Internet even for that price (you can usually use like up 0,5GB per day). So after failing several times in a row to upload few pictures I decided to give up & get some rest.

The next day I was trying to visit few of bigger touristic cities (it’s still summer season here in Australia, although the worst one in the last 10 years or so :) ), but the weather was getting worse & worse so most of activities, which those cities were offering like golf, surfing became pointless, so i decided to head North, where the weather supposed to be better at this time & picked up on of Sydney’s beaches, which is called Manly as i heard plenty of young people were heading to this destinion. I really enjoyed the ride, adding the picture of one of the valleys, which I drove through (tryed to skip major freeways & to see more even while driving). The nature, great car, good music, that’s more than enought for the road trip isn’t it ? :) So that’s all for today as I badly need to get some rest before the Flight tomorrow as i am leaving for the second part of my trip – New Zealand, gonna write 3rd part about my road trip in Australia from there, which will be way more positive as things turned up as I couldn’t expect here in Australia. Keep in touch :)