Hello everyone :) Its about time to get my blog back going, especially, when I got something really interesting to tell. Plans have been changing so many times here in Australia that even for myself its hard to keep track of it :) I was actually planning to do sort of trip around, as i never been in this content, however as days were passing by I decided to get back home earlier & not to have such a rush , which I supposed to have if I get back in the middle of February as that’s the time when my studies start again :) .

So i tryed to contact booking agency i used, airlines, then booking agency again, well, nothing helped as my ticket seems to be unchangeable & the only offer i was given, to buy a new one, which costs another 2000 USD (as it’s one way flight, lol i paid 2,5k both ways), which I am not paying for sure. Well, ok, challenge accepted – next day i started to make some random plans & here is how everything worked out :D :

Booked a car in Melbourne, tickets to New Zealand & backwards from Sydney, which is one of the cities i really wanna visit for a long time & picked up few tips of what to do & where to go, however as i have limited time & the distances between objects are pretty big decided to give a shot for a random road trip…:)

Everything started in a pretty interesting way… I came to the airport, where I was picking up my car & was feeling really excited as I am used to driving right side of the road & I never have driven a car on the left side of the road :) When I sat into the car the first thing, which popped into my head what the hell I am going to do now ?  :) Well, after few minutes I found a way out, I saw a car passing by & decided to follow it as in this way I’ll atleast get out of airport area safely :) Then i just picked up a random spot nearby the Ocean drive as heard its a pretty nice out there & here we go. However i missed one GPS turn & here the hell starts – I am driving a car opposite direction in a big city – Melbourne, then i missed like another 10 turns inside the city, while I finally managed to get out of there & was on my way to my first destination point – Phillip Island road (Wasn’t hard to choose from the available streets/roads, just chose the one, which comes with Island word on it, so far I keep on doing that & it’s still working out:)). While driving thru amazing views started to come out (even signs were made to warn drivers as they get their eyes off the road right away:)) & I was going for more and just kept going until I saw a sign – Helicopter airport. Well, Helicopters is my passion I thought, in case you guys can get me in the air I’ll get there right away..:)


So I chose a trip arround Phillip Island and it’s surroundings, which was way more than I expected to see on the first day, almost 30 minutes trip with the great pilot, who was also telling me the stories about each more interesting object, completely made my day. One of them was completely stunning : “at about 9 PM every evening in this point you can see Penguin Parade as they are getting back home after fishing” Ok i know what are my plans for the evening i thought :) So once we got back to the airport the Pilot, gave me instructions on where to go & what to do. Firstly I found a great place to stay at, then of course went to watch Penguin Parade – one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in my life. In the morning I packed up my bags & got back on the road, while getting some more advices, now from the lady @ the reception, well, people here in Australia are nothing like elsewhere. More about my experiences on the second day on my next blog, hope you enjoyed it, keep in touch & good luck :)