21 Oct 2011

EPT London

BooOoOoM, hello everyone, it’s been a while since my last blog post, cause I was working a bit on new site launch J. Hope it looks good, u are always welcome to give some feedback J. Now let’s get back on my latest trips & experiences.

A trip to Londonfor another EPT stop was truly amazing. That was like my 4th time inLondon, however first time the weather was awesome – it rained only once during my 9 day stay there, so I could really enjoy the city. Moreover a bunch of Lithuanians were heading for this EPT stop, however most of them had the same results over the trip J – bad run in poker & awesome time in the city. 

Poker field as expected in London was super tough as lots of very good players live in London, because of great laws for poker players in UK, so there was no chance they are missing a chance to play in their city. I did very good in the Main Event on the first day, however on the second one I busted in the first level no matter that I had more than double average stack just ran into pretty tough spot were I called 6bet ship with QQ made by one of chip leaders at that time, who was holding Aces, well, happens. Side events didn’t go my way either, went pretty deep in the 10k 6-max Turbo, however busted in 16th place or so against Roberto Romanello, who won with QQ against my AK all in pre J.


Cash games, well, lately been doing very good in this type of poker, especially in live PLO, however didn’t play them too much in London as they were pretty bad & the key reason was that I had no pounds on me and paying huge exchanges fees in this spot wasn’t a great option, when most of the time the tables were full of really good regulars, such as JP Kelly, Supfoolio & others, however I really enjoyed playing at Victoria Casino as service is really good there compared to some other casinos & the food was great.


So less poker = more free time = more time for having fun, this formula worked perfectly, great dinning experiences, one evening I even visited amazing restaurant called “Fifteenth”, owned by James Oliver, a place u must visit if u really love good food as everything is amazing from service to food & wine menu J. Too bad I didn’t have a chance to visit “Fat Duck” restaurant as u need to reserve a table there at least two weeks before. EPT London Pokerstars Party was awesome also, I usually  don’t like PS parties, but this time it was different as lot’s of players were locals and they were able to bring their friends/girls so the club was full of people & the place chosen for the party was excellent – Roof Gardens nightclub, which is one of the best nightclubs in London attracting most famous people around the world, taxi driver told me that even Prince William visited this place few weeks ago. So time for party now as it’s Friday Evening, hopefully I gonna catch my plane early in the Morning , as I am planning play EPT San Remo Main Event tomorrow.