14 Sep 2011

Partouche Poker Tour

Hello everyone greetings from Cannes  Here is the blog I promised about my Day 1 in Partouche Poker Tour Main Event. So I came to Palm Beach Casino @ Cannes about 2 hours late as I arrived to Nice airport @ about 1:30 PM (tournament started @ 1 PM) and it was the earliest arrival possible from Lithuania for me.

The tournament started with bad news for me as the tournament directors put all the late registers to the same new table & the guys, who usually do late registration are regular players. This “rule” worked again as my table was full of live & online pros, including Sorel Mizzi & other young poker players. I was surprised in a nice way that levels were 90 minutes long as I actually missed only 1 level.

So the game for me started in a pretty funny way one tilted guy limped UTG 200 I raised to 800 w AQhh everyone folded, he shipped 5k, I called & lost vs 86ss . Then another interesting spot came, when I got “Anna Kurnikova” (AK) on the button & made a 3bet to 1,4k & got 2 callers, flop came J42ss, both check, I cbet 2,4k one calls, turn Q I cbet 4,8k he times and calls, river comes 4, one the worst possible river for me as the board pairs, so I decide to check back & lose big pot vs Q9ss, guy told that he was probably folding turn bet in case blank comes.

After few hands our table was broken & I was moved with 17k stack to the table, where poker superstar Phil Helmuth was playing & actually had a decent stack. I actually expecting him to show some at least above average poker play & and maybe misact less than in poker show, as there were no cameras – however I was “offered” full set of his famous acting, cries, begs for luck & more :D So the game flow started, when hand by hand Helmuth was owned by young French guy, who was also running hot, but Helmuth was just check calling his bets & one of funny hands was like when this guy opens utg Helmuth calls on btn Flop comes J54, young player check raises Helmuth’s bet to about 2k, Helmuth calls, turn comes K & young guy check raises Helmuth bet again to 5k, Helmuth cries, acts and calls river comes blank check/check Helmuth loses to AK, cries stands and shouts how unlucky he is, that guy was giving away him his money & hits no outer again – lol interesting how can u win with no outer isn’t it ? (right after he tells that because of such players he has so many bracelets :D ) . Then he starts to fold, while demonstrative showing his hand or mucking in the same way (even nuts), so ask the dealer to open his cards for everyone as if one guy sees & usually at least one player sees the hand, everyone has the right to see  so I am teasing him up even more lol.

While Helmuth was dumping his stack my stack stayed around same 10-15k stack all the time & here then key hand against Mr.Phil comes :D . I open utg w A9off to 700 Helmuth calls on CO, Flop comes A95ss I cbet 1,3k he calls, turn comes K I check trying to induce bet, however he checks again, river comes an Ace, I make a fast check again  he bets 2800, I decided to ship again as I made it before against him and he folded, so I shipped around 11k, he timed and called, then he was stunned by my hand & was crying to everyone around about how bad I am as I am opening with such trash under the gun :D . And here the most funny part comes, so Helmuth next hand opens 3 x (this is his common sizing preflop, sometimes he opens even 4 x (same w 3bets)), however funny part that he had only 10bb stack, so old guy decides to call, Flop comes J22, Phil checks (with 7bb), old guy checks, turn comes blank like 5, Helmuth bets 1,1k old guy ships, Helmuth folds leaving himself 3 big blinds  & cries again . Next Hand he open ships his 3 bigs i 3bet to 1,5k on button with 99 (one diamond) old guy calls from sb, flop comes Q42dd, old guy donks 1,9k, I call, turn comes 5d, he donks 2k again, I decided to take advanced line & raise him to 6,8k, however he calls, river comes Q, check/check (terrible river again) KQ(with one diamond) wins & Helmuth gets busted. Right away manager comes to him to thank for coming to Palm Beach Casino to play (they were coming to him during the play to ask if he needs something ), he says it was good however players don’t understand how bad they are poker here :D . A bit later I get dealt my last hand, when one of old guys open to 1,2k I call in pos w KQ, flop comes Q62dd, old guy cbets same amount as opening 1,2k I decided to mini-raise to 2,4k to induce bluffs, he ships of course I call with rest of my stack (like 10k) & he shows KK, turn brings some sweat as it comes a diamond (I had one diamond in my hand), however river bricks & I have to leave the table. More about my trips in next blogs, see y at the tables .