05 Apr 2011

Let’s get back :)

Bah, Hello everyone after long winter sleep :) finally i decided to get back on the poker road, so the page will be up and renewed within next two weeks (domcee.com from now will turn more as my personal poker/travel blog). You can check out my upcoming schedule @ http://domcee.com/schedule/. I am currently in Berlin and ready to go to play Day 1A of Main Event along with guy from the new poker minds Domantas . As u probably noticed domcee.com as team project no longer exists (only 2 members left so we decided to end up with it  ) – well everything comes to an end sooner or later, too bad the end came to this project so early, btw thanks again for all supporters and haters also . I am getting back to the action not only on live circuit but also to online poker, you can easily find me at most of poker rooms playing from 2/4 and above nowdays.

So more about how all the things went through during this “winter sleep” later, will keep you updated and hopefully EPT Berlin won’t get into a scandal this year and I won’t have to hide under the table along with other player . Check out the video from last year if you didn’t see it, it’s really funny, will try to write about memories from last year a bit later as I didn’t have a blog running at that time  So gl to everyone and see you at the tables. p.s. here as a link to what happened last year <a href=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fszbn5M5wG8′ >EPT Berlin 2010 :) </a>