BoOOm update from Berlin – I busted on Day 1 this time  , however day was awesome after pretty awful night, which I spent @ Riga airpot listening to construction noises. So to start with it’s probably necessary to mention that Spielbank (EPT Berlin organizing casino) made some tremendous changes after accident last year :

1.    Tickets were sold at casino not at the hotel
2.    A lot more safeguards
3.    Tournament was held in the Spielbank building, which is a lot more secure

These changes were kinda important for me as after last year I thought I will never play poker @ Berlin again, when I had to hide under the table and wait for something to happen. Situation was like from a movie : everyone is screaming, running, shouting that he/her saw a gun or even a grenade, people are in the panic and injuring others, while trying to escape and so on… Well hopefully I will forget that nightmare one day.

More about poker now : as usually players who make buy-ins using cash are starting the game altogether and most of the time these tables are a lot tougher than the regular ones, however they are first to break. This time was not an exception – I did know 4 players at my table, who were EPT regs, 2 semi weak regs, 2 businessmen, who came here to have fun. At the start of the game I was trying to check who is who @ the table, while trying different moves and opening a lot of hands and building my ultra-aggressive style. The first bigger hand was when I decided just to call aggressive well known players open from cut off in the big blind with AKoff, flop came A36cc, I check, he checks, turn comes blank 9, I make strong bet he calls, river comes another 3 and completes the flush, however I decided to shoot another strong bet and got paid. Second interesting hand occurred against Marc Gork, against whom I have played not only live tournaments, but live cash games as well, I opened from the middle with two red queens to 525 blinds 100/200 (have 3-betted him preflop few times in a row recently and he folded both times), Marc calls from the blinds, flop comes 972hh, he checks, I c-bet about half of a pot something like 800 he raises to 2200, I think for a bit and call turn comes 6 of hearts, he shoots another barrel of 3200, I wait for some time and call, check/check on the river, which came 2 of spades and I beat his 7/5cc, while getting up to 42k.

A bit later our table was broken and I took 37k to my next time after missing few good spots. The new table seemed to be pretty good, 2 very good players, 2 semi-regs and the rest bunch of value. I started to open many hands to see if players try to play back at me and got into pretty good spot, I open from cut off 4/7off to 725 (blinds 150/300 antes 25, had about 40k at that time after stealing blinds few times), because of two key reasons : wanted to check if guy who had position on me will show some upper class game and the other reason was that both players in the blinds were from old poker class. So I get one call from the blinds, flop comes A74 rainbow, small blinds check I make a c-bet of 1100 and get a raise to about 5000, after some time I decided to call and see how he acts on the turn, turn comes 4, he insta-ships his 50k and I snap call, he shows A7, however river is no help for him and I get up to 74k. Will discuss my other play in the next part tomorrow as I am too tired and gotta catch a plane in several hours to get back home for an exam. Getting back to Berlin on Thursday and then I’ll resume the game as I am planning to play few side events including High-rollers probably. Keep in touch, cya and GL 