So after busting out from the 2k event I decided to take day of from the tournament poker and played some cash games as making Day 2 in 1k event would automatically exclude me from high rollers tournament. Cash games didn’t go well for me during this trip, some bad play in holdem, some bad run in Omaha. Managed even to stack off around 400bb’s @ 10/20 with Aces, when I didn’t manage to fold em against player who was playing every hand, where the fold should’ve been pretty easy decision. Well, still need some time to get back to my A game as making half year break weakened me not only practically, but also I find it hard to take several beats in a row, but everything will be ok .

So more about high rollers tournament now : I came to the tournament @ 12 pm, however started to play probably only @ about 1:30 pm as casino service was ridiculous and due to the same problem about 5 player couldn’t play the high rollers as EPT staff couldn’t get it worked out. The story was pretty simple, tournament starts at 12pm, cashier, where deposits are held at, opens only at 5pm. Thanks a lot to Juha Helppi, who helped me out in this situation and borrowed me cash for the buy in, which a bit later I borrowed William Thorson, who managed somehow to use my cash deposit document to get into the tournament. So finally we started to play, again players who used late registration to get into the tournament, were at the same table and again most of them were high roller tournament regs.

Tournament started pretty well for me, I doubled up within first hour, when William, who was a bit tilted, because of such casino service, shipped in his 99 against my AA, after I made 5-bet preflop against him. The game slowed down right after and my staked melted down from 50k to about 44k after few unsuccessful bluffs and then old Italian player, who just got busted from the Main Event joined our table and started to play some Italian style poker. He almost doubled up his stack at first, while playing every hand and hitting two pair with such hands as 8/2 off, 6/2 off or making a good bluff when necessary. I lost against him several pots including one when I opened with 6/10hh from the cut off he calls from the button and another guy calls from the big blind, flop comes J106dd, bb checks, I check, he makes big bet, I raise him, he calls, turn comes J of spades, I check he makes smallish bet I call, river comes 8 of diamonds, I check, he makes another half pot bet and I fold just to see how he shows his 6/4 off . A bit later I managed to win big pot against him, when I opened with k10cc, from the middle, he called and a play with whom I played a lot not only online but live as well Johan “busto_soon” Van Til, who was on the big blind made a 3-bet and after some thinking I decided to call as I knew Italian guy will be in the pot definitely and all three of us had pretty deep stacks of more than 100bbs. The flop came K86 rainbow, bb checks, I check, Italian guy checks, turn comes J and opens diamond flush draw, bb checks I make ¾ pot bet, Italian guy calls, bb folds, river comes blank 5, I decide to check and Italian guy fastly shoots big bet, which I snap call and he has to muck his A10off. Few hands later he busted out, when he again hit two pairs and shipped in with 6/3hh on flop K63 and was called by young good agro player, who had KJdd and rivered a back door flush. We played a few more hands and our table was broken.

My next table draw was pretty tough again with only one semi-weak player and two well known players for me : Michael Turaniec and well known online cash-gamer, with whom I have played a lot Phounder. I tried to pull 3 barrels against him unsuccessfully, when I opened UTG with J10off @ 7-handed table and he called from the big blind. Flop came K72dd, turn 9 of diamond and blank on the river. He shipped to my river bet and dealer open one of his cards (that was agreement on the table, every winning hand has to open one card, which is chosed by the dealer, it really adds some fun to the game), which was A of he diamonds. Later on I made big fold against young player, who had position on me and after folding few times to his 3-bets preflop I decided to call with my J10ss, flop came Q105dds, I check, he c-bets about ½ pot, I decide to call, turn comes 3 of spades, I check he shoots another bet, this time about 2/3 pot I call, river comes blank, I check he ships in, after thinking for some time I decide to fold and dealer opens one of his cards, which was Queen of spades. So I had to tighten up a bit after losing several pots in a row and my stack blinded down to about 24bbs, I finally got a bit better hand and called Michael’s open with a plan to ship in to any 3-bet (table dynamic was pretty aggressive) and 3-bet came right away, Michael called 3-bet, which made semi-weak player, I shipped in, original 3-beter shipped in as well and Michael folded, my 99n’s lost to QQ and busted out. So upcoming blog will about the last tournament I played 5k turbo 6-max, will try to write blog about it as soon as possible. Greetings from Italy, I am going to visit Treviso today, will upload some photos from our trip a bit later as well, best of luck at the tables and cya.