BooOooM, Hello everyone, sorry for taking so long to finish my last blog about Berlin side events. It took so long as I was super exhausted after our road trip around Europe for business purposes and need to take some rest. We did drive 30 hours back without taking a longer stop as we wanted to get back on Saturday evening badly for my birthday celebration party. Well, , it was awesome, so was worth to hurry up .

Now lets get back to poker. When I was informed about “Black Friday” I was somewhere nearby Austria and trying to find a hotel to connect to the internet and withdraw my funds as soon as possible from all websites, which were brought to the law. I am going to write what I think about this whole situation on my next blog within two days, so check out my website a bit later.

First things first and lets get back to Berlin and the last tournament I played, which was 5300 Eur Turbo 6-max. I was actually a bit sceptic, when this type of tournament was added on the regular EPT schedule as I thought this tournament will be reg party, cause this type of tournament is new for non-online players and buy in is probably too high for them for such a fast tournament. I was stuck a lot in Berlin if we add together my play online and offline during the week, when stayed in Berlin and actually wasn’t so enthusiastic to play it, but decided to take a shot as I thought I can’t run so bad and 6-max is the type of holdem, where I feel a lot more comfortable than in full ring. So the table draw was pretty funny as I have played with 4 of 5 players at the table either in high-rollers or in the live cash games here in Berlin and the last player was young German player, who is probably is high stakes player as well. Before we started the game we agreed on the same rule we had in my last table @ high-rollers tournament – every winning hand has to show one card, chosen by a dealer. So especially @ this turbo 6-max tournament this rule made the game not only super entertaining, but a bit different as there were plenty of light 3-bets and 4-bets, which this rule showed off, so all of us had to adjust our games and manage not level ourselves up.

So I started to play pretty agressive wasted around 10k from my stack (starting stack was 50k) while trying to take over the table control, which gone a bit unsuccessful, afterwards I managed to value-town myself in a key hand : blinds were something like 200/400 with antes at that time, cut off good high stakes player opens, another good one calls on the button and I decide to make a bit bigger than 3 times 3-bet with K5ss, both of them call, flop comes TT9 rainbow, all of us check, turn comes a king, I decide to make around half pot bet, original opener folds, button calls, river comes blank, I decide to shoot another half pot bet and get snap-called by QJ. So blind fastly moved up and my stack became ship-fold stack and I shipped in my KQ (probably could call my hand of the tournament ) and was called by TT, board was good for me so I doubled up. Few hands later more good news reached me, I was moved to the other table, in which 3 of 4 player were older-generation players and two of them were super tight ones and the last player was Portugese Pro António Palma, with whom I played at several events before. So I started to open a lot more hands, basically either me or Antonio steal the blinds and the hand ends up, only once he doubled up one older player while running into KK with JJ. So playing aggressively I managed almost to double up my stack until I won with KQ again, when older guy limped from sb with A6 off (he had around 10 bbs) and I shipped in from the big blind. Right after last hand the table was broken and 3 tables were left and I was moved to the worst table, in which 4 players were pretty good including Kristijonas on my right, who was controlling the table at that moment, with a decent stack and only one weaker player on my left, who anyway, knew how to play poker. Gonna upload second part about this blog tomorrow evening as it’s a bit too long, so good luck and see ya at the tables.