So after playing for some time I was doubled by Kristijonas when I opened from cut off with 99s, he 3-bet with AQ, I shipped it, he called and we saw killing 9 on the flop. So my stack became more playable and I decided to fight back against Kristijonas, who was opening pretty frequently and was trying to establish table control, which worked out for him perfectly. Few hands later pretty important lucky hand came for me A3 off on the cut off (I had stolen blinds 3 hands from the last 4-5 hands or so) and I decided to ship in my 33bbs instead of opening, as I knew I will probably get light ship / 3-bet from the blinds, both good players one German Omaha specialist Ronnie (around 23bbs) and Anton Wigg (around 16bbs) and would have to fold my A3, also I thought I had decent fold equity and around 30% even if I get called. So I got called by big blind, who was holding A10 and managed to catch 3 on the turn, so I busted another good player from the table.

During the next two levels I managed to keep my stack almost the same, while stealing blinds and we had our final table of 7 players, in which we had 2 Russians (players from my starting table), 2 Portugese, 2 Lithuanians and one Finish guy, no one else than Juha Helppi. Everyone was holding stack of around 15-20bbs, exept Juha, who had 40 or even more. So players started to bust out, Juha doubled up me up, when he miniraised on the button, I shipped in 99 from the sb, he snap called with a smile on his face with A9, however he was not smiling we he saw my hand . Few hands later Kristijonas bubbled out and 4 players were left Antonio with around 4bbs, Juha with around 20, me and my fellow Russian hand around 30 or a bit more. Antonio started to doubled up hand after hand and shortly he busted out Juha and my fellow Russian, while leaving us heads-up and him having massive 3:1 chip lead against me. After few hands he doubled up my 15 bb stack, when he limped from sb with A5 and I shipped in my A10. A bit later I managed to take over even 4:1 chip lead, however doubled up him with 33 against two overcards. Then he trapped himself again with limping KQ against my A7 and won, a bit later I managed to make good call when he shipped in 5Jcc and I called with K5off. However few hands later I lost with A4 against Q8, and right after then final hand came when I shipped K8 and was called by A6, board didn’t help me out and I got the second place for 45k Eur.

To sum up Berlin was great experience, while playing poker as I still really need to play more to get back into the game, which I was playing around year ago, when I was sure about my moves, concentrated on the long run and very strong in a mental way. It’s always better to have profit even if they are super tiny like they are after Berlin trip, than being stuck, so i am really happy about results in better. I am playing Irish open Main Event upcoming Friday, hopefully will get twitter successfully integrated in my website to get you live updates from the events and not only as for new skin you will have to wait a bit more. So more about “Black Friday” on my next blog. Thanks for reading and keep in touch, feel free to ask questions if you have any.