Bah, Hello everyone, greetings from Dublin . Last night here, so decided to write about my experience during Irish Open, before taking off to my next stop – EPT San Remo. The trip started pretty well for me, I tried out Latvian beer during my flight, which was really good, called Luuxus, if my i remember it correctly .

The first great thing during the trip started, when i was looking for a taxi and met one Swedish gentleman in the line, who offered me to share a cab, cause we were heading to the same place – Burlington Hotel. First time ever, i had non stop conversation of about 20-30 minutes in the taxi between me, Swedish guy and the taxi driver, who was a big poker fan himself and used to play a lot. Discussion themes ranged from poker, their real jobs to the Irish humour, which i still find not so easy to get. When i arrived, i was trully amazed about atmosphere in here made by organizers – live band on one side, Irish style pub on the other, right in the middle poker room and plenty of people enjoying themselves and having fun.

I had to meet my poker agent for a beer, however he was unable to come so decided to try out the cash games and found a table perfect for me – 10/20 Eur No limit with big names like Roberto Romanello, Micheal Turaniec and other young high stake players. The game went pretty well for me managed to build my stack up to 8k, from the 4k, which I bought in, however then doubled up short stack, while having all in situation, when he had Top pair with a better kicker and then hand of game came : that was the last hand of that day as we agreed, one young guy, who has been losing a lot during that session, decided to make a blind raise to 200, I got AQ on the sb and decided to raise to 550, Romanello on the bb, shipped in a bit more than 6k, button folded and I snap called, however lost to AJ. So the session from pretty good ended up to a terrible, but sometimes there is nothing you can do.

Next day I woke up at about 12 PM (Main Event started at only 2PM) and decided to go to the registration desk for the buy in and was truly stunned of hearing Gospel signing right in front of hotel lobby. Well the Main Event didn’t go my way this time, you can check out of how did I do there, while adding Domceee on twitter. Busted Day 1, while losing all of the 4bet spots, which in this, pretty fast structure meant a lot. Side events didn’t go well for me as well and if add up the cash games, in which I ran way below EV, poker-wise this trip went super bad and I got write down very big number in red, which is always frustrating, however I am feeling pretty well as I had a great time here and played way better here than I did in Berlin. Furthermore moving forward with your game, when u are trying to get back into poker is a lot more important than having some long term scores, which is always nice .

Now let’s get back to recent online news, which affected me as well – the “Black Friday”. To start with it’s probably necessary to mention that US market was always a ticking bomb and probably us, Europeans are a lot more stunned than the American regs, who should have known what they are doing all the way. When Partygaming decided to quit offering their service to US customers I couldn’t understand why they did it, but after getting into the case a bit deeper it I understood that it was an easy decision for them as it’s a public company and key competitors such as Ftp or Stars are private ones. This breaking news about FBI investigation really scared me a bit as I still got huge unresolved case with one of Maltese licensees, in which basically site disappeared with my money and police investigation continues for 2 years now without any answers or promises. At least after that first burn-up, I am not holding a lot lower bankrolls and trying to diversify my capital as much as possible as every poker player should do. It’s very nice to see that online poker rooms, which received very serious allegations trying to do their best to save the customers as they understand they are losing part of market every day. Well, but where is a dark side, bright has to be as well and its not so hard to notice it :

• High stake games are a lot softer these days as players from US at the high stakes were mostly regs
• If US market remains closed, maybe tournament schedules will be adapted to European players as key sites were concentrated way too much on American users
• Sites will try to compete for European customers a lot more from now on, so for players that should mean more value in a short term for sure
• Poker rooms will have to start thinking more about small market such as Lithuania hopefully

So will see how this story develops, I decided to try out Dublin nightlife today together with Kristijonas, who booked another trip in the green and is doing really well lately. Hopefully not gonna miss my flight to San Remo tomorrow, keep in touch and cya soon .