BoOOm finally found time for my blog update – thanks to a crazy bird who managed to get into somehow into the plane’s engine, when it was landing to the airport . So I am stuck in the airport for more than 8 hours now overall  hopefully gonna reach Vegas somehow sooner or later .

It’s a while since I have written in my blog due to plenty of reasons, really sorry about it gonna get back on frequent blog updates in Vegas:

• Trip to Madrid ended up dramatically terrible overall – huge losses in PLO and tournaments, I guess only the ones, who play poker understand the feeling when u want to take some time off after a monster downer and it was monster for me in Madrid, highest downer in a live trip ever, which destroyed all work in Dublin & San Remo, but more about Madrid later as we still have some things to catch up
• Intensive play in SCOOP, where I had deep runs, which totally exhausted me
• Huge downer again after winning my SCOOP Bracelet, this time online @ crazy deep 25/50 PLO Games – well PLO is really crazy game, still gotta learn about it a lot, heh wondering how many buy-ins you can actually get stuck in a short run deep games / long run ?  Well, but I love the game, more about it and why I decided to move there (not playing live no limit holdem cash games anymore almost) in my upcoming blogs there
• The last one is the most simple one, needed to take some rest after travelling actively for the last two months 

So let’s get back to my last post, well, San Remo… The first things that pops into my head is that I would like to congratulate Pagano Events team (told them in person as well) on super good job after huge managing problems last year. They even managed to start biggest 2000 Euro side throughout the EPT season without any delays & there were no waiting nearby ticket desk as well – I was totally stunned because last year I had to wait about 3 hours to get into the tournament & those hours were spent while standing and sweating in the line LOL. So once again congrats !!!

Another interesting topic to discuss is Italy itself..:) You either love it or hate it, but you can’t fight it. One Italian player @ the table in the cash games told „We Italians don’t like to work that hard and you can’t change it ”. For me it’s really funny when people come to Italy or even any other country & think that everyone should speak in English and everything should be the same as in their country (usually only advantages count in :D ). Of course I agree that service problems are a bit out of bounds here (when they don’t have menu in English in the places, which I visited by tourists often), but still it’s the culture & I think that even Siesta for example is more than just waste of time like a lot people would say, for example, you can easily find plenty of articles online regarding job productivity increase in case u take an hour or two of sleep during the midday. I really love the law, which states shops are being closed early during the workdays and during the whole day on Sunday. I think community itself benefits way more than loses while having this law. Of course no straddle law looks a bit strange for me , but let it be. Well, when it’s time to choose how do you feel about Italy, I would choose the world love it instead hate it, what about you ? 

To sum up poker in San Remo went up actually well for me – huge expenses and tough table draws in tournaments & great cash games, which paid my entries . Also had great time, while having fun at the tables & not only with Swedish players, which made the trip actually great . More about Madrid & Barcelona in my next blogs. WSOP key event schedule is available now, of course gonna play smaller events too, will keep you updated. Best of luck @ poker tables and not only  Cheers ;]