07 May 2011

EPT San Remo part 1

BooM  Long time since my last post :) So let’s start from the beginning I left Dublin on Tuesday and took a flight straight to Nice airport. Had a great time with Casey Kastle while discussing advantages and disadvantages of being a poker player during our journey to the airpot. Plane was filled with plenty of poker players, who were heading for their next stop as well as we did. Somehow we didn’t manage to find each other in the luggage area to share a taxi together to San Remo, but shared with others anyway, which is actually good, because a trip from Nice to San Remo with taxi costs around 200 Euro. So I took the taxi with 3 other nice guys from Dublin and we got a really great taxi, probably the best I’ve ever been in – Audi Q8. I guess you can find such taxis only in Cannes, Monte Carlo and Nice.

After having terrible experience in Royal Hotel in San Remo last year, when I was unlucky to get a bad room, I decided to take a shot at the other hotel nearby Des Anglais and was truly amazed – room was really spacious with a beautiful panoramic view and the Internet was free of charge and really good. It’s dream compared to last year when I paid over 300 Eur for the room per night and 150 eur for terrible internet.

More about poker now. I decided to try cash games the day when I arrived and played the most amazing hand in live poker game : 10/20 Eur aggressive nl game, one guy limps I rasie to 80 with 88 on the button, one guy calls from the blinds, the limper raises to 300, I call and the other guy calls as well, flop comes K82cc, limper cbets 350, I raise to 800, bb folds, limper thinks for some time and ships around 4k, I snap him and see him holding the only hand that beats me – pocket Kings and here the magic starts… Turn comes an 8, I am totally stunned can’t believe what happened, Italian guy starts to speak to somekind of Gods  and here the river comes another King, he starts to scream, 30 people come to the table, everyone is taking pictures, shouting POKER against POKER! Too bad there was no bad beat jackpot lol. Lost another hand aggressive opponent afterwards and decided that it’s not my day probably .

Next day I decided to play Main Event as I figured out while discussing with other player @ the cash games, that Day 1A is probably better one overall field wise and I wanted to play 1k side event with 1k bounty in case I get busted from the Main Event on the first day, which happens pretty often, because I play the tournaments pretty aggressive from the start and either go deep or bust early. I went to the casino about hour later than the official start was, because I knew from the last year that the tournament will start later than the official time for sure. However coming an hour later was not enough, due to huge queues in the cashier the tournament start was two and a half hours later. Well I managed to spend this free time perfectly, after searching for about half of an hour I finally found what I was looking for – family run Italian coffee shop and got a perfect Italian coffee with a fresh Mozzarella Panini. More about San remo in my upcoming blogs, planning to play Main Event in Madrid tomorrow, no live twitter updates this time as I lost my phone :)