BooOOooM, greetings from Washington D.C. have some time before my next connecting flight so I decided to write my next blog entry . I would like to start it with my experience in Miami, which was overall amazing & I decided to spend last day while doing some water sports in Miami Beach such as driving a jet ski & had a wonderful time. I did really like the place I stayed in no matter that it was about 10 miles from Miami Beach, but it was worth to choose a better place to relax after long road trip, so if u guys go to Miami and want a perfect time, while spending it in a nice place choose Mandarin on the island nearby Miami downtown, service there is really high classed.

Let’s get back to poker now, just took out the tournament tickets from my bag to count how many of them I played this summer & the number is pretty big, especially for me, cash game player – it’s 17. Only 2 “min” cashes make this summer tournament account balance in red, however I had great experience while playing them & learned a lot especially in Venetian Deep Stack ones as structure was pretty close to EPT or WPT circuit, but shuffling machines were on so I was able to play way more hands than I am used to, which made the tournaments there even more attractive.

This WSOP was the first one when I played so many tournaments. I was actually quite disappointed about WSOP structure, which kind of interesting in a bad way from a player’s perspective : when u buy in to a WSOP tournament u get 3000 tournament chips for every 1000$ dollars you pay for the tournament entry, so for example if you play 5k tournament you start with 15 000 in chips, however the bigger tournament buy in is, the more levels they remove from the standard structure. For example, when we played 10k PLO tournament we started with 3 x 10k chips stacks with a level 50/100 & 1500$ buy in tournaments start at level 25/25. Why to make every PLO tournament as a triple chance at all? I think it’s really bad for the game & discourages people from playing more tournaments @ WSOP, hopefully WSOP gonna adjust to new tournament poker trends sooner or later as having ship or fold stack usually at the 3rd level makes no sense & too big amount of players can’t be reason for too long, when big management & quality issues have to solved or sooner or later they will lose big market share to one of their competitors. I am actually happy with my tournament results overall as I saw progress from tournament to tournament & I actually had few great spots especially in two 5k tournament when I was one of the chips leaders at the end of the day, however key cooler hands didn’t go my way & suddenly I either busted in few marginal hands or ended up short stacking, well better luck next time I guess .

To end the blog today, I would like to share one of really interesting hands I played in NLHE cash games @ Bellagio, which paid off even more later on I guess. So here it is : effective stacks around 250-280 big blinds 10/20/40 game I open to 140 from hijack w J9ss sb (aggressive really good player) raises to ~640 I call, Flop comes QT2 rainbow he cbets 800 and I call, turn comes 5 of hearts making possible back door heart flush, which I don’t have, he bets another ~2100 I call, river comes 4 of hearts, he best around 3500 and I ship in (my stack was a bit more than 7000), the opponent goes into tank and after thinking for about 7 minutes he makes a crying KK fold and show my monster bluff right away, which worked perfectly as he couldn’t get back to his A game anymore. Why is this hand so interesting, because my stack was perfect to make this move, if I had more chips for example 11k on the river, this move would be way harder as fold equity to my ship decreases tremendously. So more about cash games in my next blog, I am planning to start with a 5k PLO tournament on Tuesday in Tallinn, will see how it goes 